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Getting your home ready to sell



Value in Getting Ready for the Sale

Deciding to sell your house is never easy. Everywhere you look, you see memories…the stairs your daughter first climbed, the kitchen where your family used to gather before the kids moved out and the garage where you parked your first mini-van.

It is important to remember, though, that by moving, you are not giving up these memories—they will stay with your forever. You are simply selling the house—the bricks, the wood, the mortar–nothing you cannot find in another neighborhood.

That said, it is critical that you realize selling your house may involve some concessions on your part. For example, even if you want to receive X amount of dollars for your house, a buyer may want to pay less due to the house’s age or because of necessary remodeling.

You must be prepared for such concessions. Once you have decided to sell, it is next necessary for you to give your house an honest assessment.


Does your house need a paint job? A new roof? Take note of these things, as you may profit tremendously in preparing your house for sale. You get used to seeing things in your house and start accepting things because you know they’re good and working properly but a person looking to invest in your house wants the best look they can get for the buck.

As a first step, if you belong to a homeowner’s association, inform the directors that you are selling your house. Ask if there are any lawsuits or legal issues that concern the association, and obtain copies of any documentation.


Next, understand that having a house that is visually pleasing and technically sound will help it sell much faster. And, with a house that does not require many renovations or repairs; you are more likely to get your asking price. So, if you think inexpensive improvements can be done and you are willing to pay for them so your house value will increase, suggest these improvements.


Certainly, however, we will forewarn you—preparing your house for sale is a long process, requiring more than a little hard work (but it’s well worth it!). So, if you’re ready, let’s evaluate the outside of your house first.


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