Can’t Afford to…..Can’t Afford Not to…….

Dear Friends,

Here’s a quick note to let you know how we can help you or anyone you feel comfortable introducing us to.

Do you know someone who dreams of becoming a first-time homeowner or needs to move into a larger home, but believes they can’t afford it?

With mortgage interest rates at historic lows and a large inventory of houses, for many people there has never been a better time to buy.

Do you know an Investor? Are you an investor or do you just want to take advantage of the many foreclosures and short sale properties in this market? Maybe it’s rental properties, fixer uppers or homes where you can hold the note?

The next time you’re in a conversation with a friend, family member or neighbor and they mention that they’d love to stop paying rent and own a home, or their family is growing and they need a larger house, or they are an investor- feel comfortable enough to take out your cell phone, look up my number (615.400.5230) and call me immediately. We will meet with them to review current mortgage interest rates, what’s important about buying to them, and whether or not buying is a good fit for their financial picture.

That first home or larger home is more within reach than many people imagine. Be sure to call me when someone you know says they’re thinking of buying so we can give them our time and expertise.

Mike & Candie Worsham, Your Real Estate Consultants For Life

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