Your Real Estate Consultant for Life

Thanksgiving 2010



Dear Friends;


It is especially appropriate during this Thanksgiving Season to send a Big Thank You to all our friends, clients and business associates that we have worked with in the past.


For 16 years it’s been our pleasure to help people achieve their dream of purchasing their first home, moving up to a larger home, investment property or buying a vacation home. To know that we are helping someone by being a trusted Real Estate Consultant is very gratifying.


It occurred to us that our friends and family members may not be aware of just exactly what a Real Estate Consultant does differently from a traditional salesperson and how that benefits you and the people you introduce us to.


Traditional real estate agents spend the majority of their time soliciting the public looking for their next client, which leaves little time to personally see to their clients’ needs.


As a By Referral Only Real Estate Consultant, we are 100 percent focused on consulting, negotiating, and overseeing the transactional details for our clients, keeping their best interests foremost in our mind. We are committed to making your home buying/selling experience the best it can possibly be.


Making Our Clients Outrageously Happy is Priority One


Our purpose is making sure our clients are so outrageously happy with the help we provide that they gladly introduce us to the people they care about, not because they feel obligated but because they truly believe they will benefit.


Because we think that way about our business, our previous clients are pleased with our help and introduce us to friends, family and people they care about anytime they have
a real
estate need. If you know someone who needs our help, feel comfortable calling us and we’ll talk about the best way to introduce us to them so we can help them realize their dreams, too.


Talk to you soon and a very Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone.


Mike and Candie Worsham


Your Real Estate Consultants For Life




P.S. We want to be your Real Estate resource. Please call when we can help you, your friends, your family & the people you care about. Mike Direct 615.400.5230 Candie Direct 615.400.5230

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