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Let’s face it, in the grand scheme of things, working short sales as a real estate agent is not exactly an easy business to be in.  We are constantly at “war” with lenders who many times do not seem to care about their borrowers’ financial situation, or improving their own companies bottom line by mitigating losses in an efficient and effective manner.  We regularly deal with short sale buyers who lack commitment and back out of transactions much of the time.

When dealing with stressed out home owners while watching our deals fall apart fall apart left and right, it is important to remember who we REALLY work for. We do Gods work when working short sales.  We offer our condolences and hope to home owners in their time of need.  We give them peace of mind and confidence that they can recover from their current situation.  We guide them and direct them to financial stability in their times of greatest need.

If our motives are truly in the right place when doing short sales, we are put into this responsibility and assignment in life for a reason, a greater purpose. Most importantly, we are thankful to have been given this responsibility to help those in need on a grand scale. In this time of thanksgiving, it is my hope and prayer that not only are we thankful for all of the material possessions and loved ones in your life, but that we understand the importance of this responsibility and are thankful for the divine assignment to offer hope and peace of mind to those who are put into your life for this very reason. Short Sale Specialists

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