Remember: It’s the Sizzle, not the Steak.

Cars Have Their Place, but Not in Front

This is tricky, because there is so much opposition to it. Do not park your car (or have your neighbor park their cars) in your driveway or even in front of your house. Rather park cars in the garage.

“What?” I can hear many people asking. “That’s outrageous. I can park my car anywhere I want. That’s my right. It’s even written in the constitution…or should be!”

Let’s look at it from the buyers viewpoint. Suppose you are a buyer looking at a house and an agent takes you in a nice neighborhood. As you drive down the street, there are cars, all makes, all models, all ages, parked all over the place. Some are in front of the homes on the street, others are in driveways, and still others are parked on the front lawns. In short the neighborhood looks like a repair yard or at best a haven for mechanics.

Consider the neighborhood where there are no cars parked on the streets. What does the potential buyer see? They see the HOMES! The area looks open, with lots of space, low density and well cared for homes.

Park your own cars in the garage. If you don’t have room then clean it out and make room. Stuffed garages mean “if there is not enough storage in the home for you then there probably won’t be enough room for me”. Move it out! Rent a POD…do something but get rid of it.

Remember: It’s the Sizzle, not the Steak. Till Tomorrow Candie

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