3 Hot Market Wishes to Avoid

3 Hot Market Wishes to Avoid


“Oh, how I wish. . .” started no wise real estate decision ever. When the real estate market is hot, engaging in wishful thinking is not just foolhardy, it can be costly. Here are three home-buying wishes to avoid:

1. Wishing the house were in a different neighborhood. If you don’t like the area, don’t buy the house simply because it’s in your price range. Make sure it satisfies in other ways, too.

2. Hoping the house gets no other offers. It’s a poor use of everyone’s time to keep making low offers in a hot market.

3. Wishing prices weren’t going up so fast.

Act swiftly to purchase as much house as you can (based on financial goals) in a location you can like, and with an offer that will be accepted.

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