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Dear Consumer, In today’s real estate world, there are a ton of sites that are fun to visit and look at homes. Some provide their opinion of values, some provide their opinion of what’s going on in the market. And a few may give their opinion on the effects of government rules regulations and tax code changes that will affect you. But the bottom line is this. NONE of those folks have boots on the ground. They are not the ones working directly with buyers and sellers and experiencing the challenges and opportunities first hand. They aren’t the ones working with mortgage reps, navigating ever changing lending rules that make borrowing more difficult. They certainly are not the ones who go into every house on the market, hear how confident or not the buyers and sellers are. And I’ve never seen them at the closing tables. Know where else they aren’t? In Washington speaking directly to members of Congress and regulatory agencies such as FHA, working to make sure you can have access to mortgages, benefit from owning a home and protecting the Homeownership Dream. All of those sites and so called experts get all of their information from guess who? That’s right. The Realtors and their MLS’s who put out those market statistics and provide those insights.SO, the next time you have a question about real estate, go to the experts who are responsible for creating the data and understand the market better than any website. Ask a Realtor. It’s the trusted source for accurate information on the market and the value of your home.


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