Why you need representation.

Sometimes I get a call from a buyer that says “I want to work directly with the listing agent”.  Read between the lines….”because I think I will get a better deal”.

Guess what- long before you showed interest in this house I promised the seller to get them Top Dollar and to give up the least amount of incentives like helping you with closing costs and/or repairs. As the listing agent I am getting paid to negotiate the best deal for my seller. Plus anything you tell me, I will turn around and let the seller know.

As a buyer you have the greatest leverage if you have your own representation. Your own representation will pledge loyalty to you and is not trying to work both sides. Your own agent will negotiate the best price, closing costs, repairs or whatever you need. Plus your Buyer’s Agent is paid by the seller and doesn’t cost you a dime.

Working with the listing agent is like getting a divorce and telling your ex you will use their lawyer and thinking they will be fair to you too. Do you see what I mean?

Give me a call for Expert Representation when you are thinking about Buying or Selling. 615.400.5230 Candie Worsham Broker/Owner Nashville Area Homes

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